Zeisler Morgan Team

Zeisler Morgan has recognized that quality of personnel is of critical importance toward ultimately delivering results. Zeisler Morgan has assembled a highly qualified staff of personnel dedicated to property management . Under the direction of Shannon P. Blackwell, the ZM Management team consists of the following personnel, all located at its Cleveland, Ohio headquarters:

Kenneth A. Zeisler (Managing Partner)
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Shannon P. Blackwell (President & Chief Operating Officer)
216-464-5256 (Direct) • 216-789-5249 (Mobile)
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Michele Knapp Boal (General Counsel)
216-455-1242 (Direct) • 216-978-9148 (Mobile) 
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Lisa E. Dove (Vice President - Leasing)
216-464-2396 (Direct) • 216-403-6489 (Mobile) 
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Thomas E. Dowling (Director of Construction & Operations)
216-464-0561 (Direct) • 216-496-4228 (Mobile)
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Susan L. Sommers (Controller)
216-464-5258 (Direct) • 216-577-5694 (Mobile)
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Stacy L. Perkins (Property Manager)
216-464-5257(Direct) • 216-318-6070 (Mobile)
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Emily Anderson (Accounting Clerk)
216-455-1240 (Direct)

DeAnna Dunn (Administrative Assistant)
216-455-1241 (Direct)