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~ Clothes Mentor Grand Opening at Townridge Shopping Center


Clothes Mentor celebrated their Grand Opening at Townridge Shopping Center on Thursday, October 23, 2014!

Clothes Mentor is a unique store, combining all the best aspects of designer clothing stores, consignments shops, and local boutiques into one amazing location. We have a large selection of “gently-used” designer women’s fashions, all sold at discount prices. This allows you to stop in and find something perfect – without having to break the bank! And we do more than just clothing. Purses, jewelry, accessories, shoes and more.

Clothes Mentor is also a place where you can sell your “gently-used” clothing and accessories as well. Unlike a normal consignment shop, where you have to leave your clothing and come back if and when it sells, Clothes Mentor will pay you CASH On-the-Spot for your “gently-used” clothing and accessories. Clothes Mentor makes selling your clothes and accessories easy, and puts the money in your hands before you leave the store. We provide the excitement of shopping for designer styles, without the high designer costs.

Clothes Mentor is located in Townridge Shopping Center at 6560 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612. 

Phone: 919-301-8486

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