ZM Management LLC, an affiliated entity of Zeisler Morgan, has been the sole property manager for all Zeisler Morgan projects since its inception in 1976. The current management portfolio of ZM Management approximates 1.3 million square feet of property representing retail, office, and mixed-use types.

ZM Management maintains a staff of both full-time and part-time property maintenance personnel responsible for daily site maintenance duties at all of Zeisler Morgan's Cleveland, Ohio-based properties, which include sites in Avon, Rocky River, Brooklyn, and Orange Village. Zeisler Morgan utilizes local contractors for the property maintenance function at its Raleigh, North Carolina location.

Over the past forty-five years that ZM Management has been in business, it has created excellent long-term working relationships with vendors across multiple areas of the property management discipline. It is the combination of these relationships and the hard work of a highly qualified management staff which ultimately has proven to be the key to ZM Management’s success in this industry.

ZM Management participates in annual operating cost studies to make certain that overall operating costs are consistent with industry standards. In addition, there are particular areas emphasized within ZM Management’s management philosophy that distinguishes it from other property managers:

  • Property Appearance – Tremendous emphasis upon the importance of landscaping, clean parking lots, and clean sidewalks and storefronts. Unlike other property managers, ZM Management has contracted with local sweeping companies to both machine sweep parking lots and hand pick trash. Power washing, with ZM Management’s own washer, occurs as needed but not less than three times per year.

  • Property Safety – Tremendous emphasis upon the importance of pedestrian safety. This program includes supplying lighting to each property above minimum requirements. This program also includes strict guidelines for snow removal contractors as it relates to salting and clearing sidewalks/drives. Lastly, this program includes monitoring of police reports, if any, and hiring, where necessary, on-site security personnel. The minimal number of insurance claims and subsequently stable insurance premiums over the last several years reflect ZM Management’s dedication to a no-tolerance safety program.

  • Property Structural Integrity – Tremendous emphasis upon the importance of a property’s structural integrity and related wear-and-tear maintenance program. This program includes formal roof, parking lot, sidewalk, HVAC, sprinkler, retention/detention basin, and kitchen rooftop mounted grease trap inspections.

As members of the International Council of Shopping Centers, each ZM Management employee is required to attend at least one industry event each year so as to share experiences and further improve within their individual areas of expertise. The dollars spent each year demonstrates ZM Management’s financial commitment toward continuous improvement.

Consistent with Zeisler Morgan’s emphasis on building quality buildings at great locations in close partnership with the City and area residents, Zeisler Morgan also places great emphasis on quality property management. Because Zeisler Morgan firmly believes that each of its properties is an investment which spans multiple generations, the importance of the best property management discipline cannot be over-emphasized. As a result, Zeisler Morgan has made a tremendous investment over the years in building the best property management discipline.

Zeisler Morgan defines property management across a broad spectrum of responsibilities, including property maintenance, lease administration, legal matters, finance, marketing, and public relations.

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